DWF to PDF Converter
This DWF to PDF Converter is specially designed to help you convert DWF to PDF files, and this converter also allows you to convert DWF to other raster and vector formats.
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DWF to PDF Converter

When you need a tool to help you convert DWF to PDF, just choose this DWF to PDF Converter----the operation is very easy----click on the Menu “Batch Convert”, select Menu Item “PDF Convert Tool”. In the pop up dialogue box, you can set the parameters of your output PDF files, and you can also choose to convert one DWF to one PDF or merge several DWG/DXF flies into one PDF file.

Often the DWF to PDF Converter would conform the corresponding graph scope according to the size of the page designed. If you hope that this software could automatically identify the graph drawing range, “ Export by scale ” designed in this software would work to satisfy the need by automatically identifying output layout page size. In this way, you can get the wanted PDF files precisely.

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There are three methods for you to convert DWF to PDF files, as follow:

1. If all the output PDF page layout sizes are supposed to be the same, both of the two methods are advisable. Do not tick “Use the layout Page Size if Possible”.
2. If all the output PDF page layout sizes are supposed to be output in the proportion as designed, the latter method is a must choice.
3. No matter which method you have chosen, as long as you ticked “Use the layout Page Size if Possible”, this software could ignore the designed page size while automatically read the layout page setting information during the conversion process.

How to use DWF to PDF Converter?

Step One. Click the "Batch Convert" button on the top menu then "DWG/DXF -> PDF" to open the convert widow. And click one of the Add buttons to add the DWF files you want to convert.

Step Two. Set the output folder path. If you have selected different folder, you need to make sure that the “Keep sub-path structure” option is ticked.

Step Three. Layout Switch. You can change the set or let them as default.

Step Four. Set the size, units, scale, and quality as much as you like.

Step Five. Check the other options if need to meet your requirements.

Step Six. Click “Start” to convert. The DWF to PDF Converter will help you do the left.

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